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With the input and guidance of the SEMI Board of Directors and Global and Regional PV Advisory Committees in North America, Asia and Europe, the PV Group prepared a white paper to help members and other industry participants form a collective future vision for the industry and facilitate action plans around industry standards, market information, global advocacy, trade events, sustainable manufacturing practices, and other industry issues.  The name of the white paper, “The Perfect Industry-- The Race to Excellence in Manufacturing,” describes the ideal industry characteristics for the high-growth PV industry and describes both current and potential SEMI policies, program and initiatives designed to achieve them.

In the process of working with PV Group members and other industry stakeholders on a collective vision, the concept of the Perfect Industry arose.  By defining and communicating ideal or perfect industry end-states, equipment and materials suppliers along with cell and module manufacturers can more effectively prioritize industry-wide initiatives.  We thought the idea of defining a perfect end-state a useful and motivating way to encourage participation and dialog.  We hope you agree.
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Comments?  We’d like to hear your thoughts on the needs and priorities required to be achieve a perfect industry Click here.