PV Group - Global PV FIT White Paper

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Advancing a Sustainable Solar Future

SEMI PV Group Policy Principles and
Recommended Best Practices for Solar Feed-in Tariffs

This White Paper is intended to promote widespread awareness and understanding of public policy best practices in support of solar energy.

The public policy principles that the PV Group hopes to advance with the White Paper include stability and predictability to encourage private investment; transparent and streamlined policies to promote fair and honest outcomes; and open and accessible policies to enable distributed energy production. While other policy options are available that would meet these policy principles, this White Paper is focused on the best practices that would enable feed-in tariffs to be an effective approach to advance solar energy in most markets around the world.


The best practices encouraged by the White Paper include support for technology differentiation, generation cost-based rates, fair purchase and interconnection requirements, use of fixed price and long-term payments, and the use of predictable incentive declines.